Developing Videogames with passion and love!

I started my Gamedevelopement journey in March 2020. As a solo developer, I developed a variety of PC & Mobile Prototypes. Also, I recently released my first commercial project "Makis Adventure"! I developed this game over the time of 2 years!

Years of passion for drawing!

Before I started developing video games in 2020, I already had a great passion for drawing. From anime characters to portraits and landscapes, I drew everything!

Hello and welcome!


About Me:

My name is Mateo Covic and I´m an 21 years old gamedev from germany (Moers)! At the moment I study media informatics and I want to work in the games industry later. I love to develope videogames (from small mobile games to PC games with several hours of playtime). I spent 2 years developing my first videogame "Makis Adventure" and was even nominated for the german videogames award. Other than developing games and drawing, I also love to go out for a walk and meet my friends! If you want to collaborated on a game or talk about gamedev / Art, feel free to send me an Email or join my Discord ^^