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A platformer with a bite!

Fight, dash, swim and bite your way through 3 different dungeons. Let the inner shark out! Face many different opponents and defeat powerful bosses. Makis Adventure is a pixel art platformer with a bite!

A big game world to explore!

Makis Adventure offers you a variety of islands to explore. Meet friendly characters and make new friends. Brave explorers will be rewarded with hidden treasures and locations. Whether fighter or explorer, everyone will find their style of play!

Fun platforming!

Makis Adventure is filled with innovative platforming. It will never get boring! Enjoy a ride with a minecart, or perform risky walljumps. If you want to hangout, just jump on a chain and swing through the rooms!

Defeat powerful opponents and bosses!

Each dungeon has a mini boss and an end boss. You will also meet numerous other opponents in the dungeon.Find your perfect fighting style!

Nominated at German Computer Game Awards!


Best prototype

The German Computer Game Award (DCP) is the most important award in the German video game industry. High-ranking specialist and main juries select the best games from Germany and the creative minds behind the games based on aspects such as quality, innovative content, fun and cultural and educational standards. The jury of 34 industry experts have chosen Makis Adventure to be one of the best 5 prototypes in 2022.